Start your vacation right with our popular Concierge Service!  Arrive at your vacation home to find a fully stocked refrigerator and a welcome meal. We will shop for you, prepare lunch or dinner and leave breakfast ready for the morning.


Sunset Catering arranges delivery of groceries to your vacation rental in Tamarindo. We will contact the rental agency to arrange for delivery prior to your arrival. We will unpack and put your purchases away, making sure to get the perishables in the refrigerator or freezer. However, there is not always time between ‘check-out’ and ‘check-in’ for many rentals. If we cannot deliver your groceries prior to your arrival, we will contact you to set a delivery time.

We have prepared a shopping list for the items found in our local supermarkets. Please view our Standard Shopping List to order your groceries. This list includes beer, wine and liquor as well as food, dry goods and cleaning supplies,

Tamarindo Feria is the local farmer’s market, a great place to buy some organic produce, cheeses, fish, pastries and local crafts.  The market is on the beach every Saturday morning from 8 am – 12:30 pm. If you can’t attend the market, we have prepared an Organic Shopping List.


In addition to buying groceries and stocking your pantry, we can also deliver a welcome snack or lunch, dinner or breakfast for the next morning. Please see our Sample Menus for a list of ready-made items.


A welcome package is a great gift for a couple getting married or on their honeymoon. Surprise a teacher on a well-deserved vacation, or family members renting a house in Tamarindo. Please let us know what your welcome gift should include: flowers, food baskets, chocolates, champagne and more.

Our sample menus and grocery lists:

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